Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fraud

Shortly after the hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, I was working with a man at a new job. He told me his son works for Homeland Security and went to PR to help with recovery operations. One day after lunch he told me that he was just on the phone with his son. His son said to him that the politicians and police were stealing the supplies. He and other workers were trying to help people but got in trouble for it.

I shared this on social media but it went no where.

Now were have video news giving us details.



People need to see this video – Share widely!

This video sums things up.

A good starting place to understand what is going on.


I agree with 90% of what he is saying.

I do think the cabal goes back way back in history.

Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Prestige The Movie and the Lesson I Learned

Years ago, I rented a movie. It was titled,” The Prestige” . It is the story of two stage magicians during the late 1800’s. These two men were motivated by mutual hatred to attempt to best each other professionally and personally.

One magician, “Borden” creates an illusion where he is magically transported instantly from one side of the stage to the other. The other magician, Angier contracts the scientist, Nikole Tesla to build him a device that will out do the transport trick.

However, Tesla’s machine is not a trick. It really works. But instead of transporting the subject, it creates an identical copy.
Angier uses the machine to confound the world with his instant teleportation on stage.

Of course the problem is that Angier has to destroy the copies.

After watching the movie, I suddenly realized that Angier was stupid. Instead of trying to outperform his rival, he could have been making copies. Copies of gold. Copies of diamonds. Copies of money.

He had an instant wealth machine.

the prestige, gold, silver, magic
Lesson Learned from the Movie THE PRESTIGE

But he was too blinded by his hatred to see the opportunity.

A Bum In The Car Dealership

A Bum In The Car Dealership

Years ago, I was at a local car dealership shopping for a pickup truck. The salesman told me a story about something that happened at the upscale auto dealership next door.

luxury grey car
Beautiful upscale grey car

One day a man walked into the office of an upscale auto dealership. The man was carefully observed by each of the veteran car salesmen. Each, one by one, decided to ignore the potential customer. These salesmen had several years of experience dealing with customers. They could tell that this guy would never buy a car.
Most people, at least ones who have the means to buy a car there, came in neatly dressed. Obviously they were the sort of customer with good credit and and a good down payment. They had good jobs because they were “our kind of people”.

The man who walked in that day was definitely not one of those. Not having bathed for days, his hair was unkempt and his face was unshaven. Clothes torn and stained. And he smelled.
Must be a bum.

A bum in the auto dealership!

Each of the salesmen observed the bum and dismissed him as a waste of time. Finally, the newest salesman in the dealership said, “I might as well say hello and find out what he wants”. The new salesman asked the bum, “How can I be of service?” The bum replied, “I want to buy this car.” pointing to the top of the line model on the showroom floor. “OK”, said the salesman, “Lets start by running your credit.” “No credit… CASH!”, said the bum. The bum took out brand new hundred dollar bills out of his wallet. He paid cash and drove the car off the lot.

See, the bum had just com back from a fishing trip.

He was really a multimillionaire who wanted to test the the salespeople.

Because the salesman was willing to take a chance on a bum, he not only made a sale, but gained a faithful customer.

The customer came back each year and bought a new car from the same salesman – cash.




Black Box Stock Video Guild

About 3 weeks ago I was watching various videos on YouTube.

I happened upon a new Stock Video service called Black Box.

I joined after watching  a couple videos on YouTube I joined.

It is free to join. They network their members to stock video brokers such as Adobe Stock. When someone buys your footage you get paid. BlackBox takes 15% and the you get the rest.

If you have some video footage between 5 and 30 seconds, you may be able to make some money. I only had about 10 usable clips, but I uploaded them.

The first video I posted – John’s Pass Timelapse, has just gotten accepted to on of the agencies. I will be going out to shoot more.

If you are interested, please click this affiliate link.

(you can refer others and get paid a small amount from their sales)


Money Talks Magazine is Back!!!

After years of inactivity, I have resurrected my old blog.

Money Talks Magazine

I have created a WordPress blog on the vornix blog system.

It has a SteemPress Plug in with connects with the Steemit blockchain.

So my posts should show up on Steemit.

Much more to do to create a space that is a value to other people.

Stick around there will be more…


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